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"A glass of wine a day is proven to decrease the risk of coronary disease and mortality rates in individuals over 40"

Wine Openers

Open Wine the Right Way

Unless your bottle of wine has a screw top opener or you have a box of wine, you will definitely need a wine opener. There are many different types of wine openers, ranging from the simple corkscrew to more complicated carbon dioxide driven openers. However, the most popular type of wine opener is the wine key, also known as the waiter's friend. This type of wine opener is similar to a pocketknife; it has a small blade for cutting foil and a screw with a bottle brace in it.

The oldest type of wine opener though is the corkscrew, which is basically a simple tool that is used for pulling and removing stopping corks from bottles of wine. A corkscrew is usually comprised of a pointed, metallic helix attached to a handle. To use this type of wine opener you grip the handle and screw the metal point through the cork. The metal rotor will enter and entwine the cork, giving it a good grip from the inside of the cork. Once the metal section has entered the cork, you just pull the corkscrew out and the cork will come with it. The handle of the corkscrew is often a horizontal bar of wood, which is attached to the screw. This lets you get a commanding grip on it and lets you take the cork out pretty easily. There are also many corkscrew handles that have levers on them, which further increase the amount of force that can be applied outwards when you pull out the cork.

Corkscrews are necessary to have and use, as corks are small and smooth and are difficult to grip and remove from the bottle. Most corks are well below the bottleneck anyway and it's impossible to grip these.

The corkscrew's design was based on the gun worm, which was a device used by musket men to remove unspent charges from the barrel of their muskets in a similar fashion. Wine openers come in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes and materials and are great to give as gifts to your wine loving friends, relative and associates.

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