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"A glass of wine a day is proven to decrease the risk of coronary disease and mortality rates in individuals over 40"

Wine Accessories

Wonderful Wine Accoutrements

Wine has been a fixture of dining since biblical times. Since then, the wine industry has greatly expanded over the years by making wine accessories available to consumers. I suppose you could consider some items to be accessories and some to be necessities. Let's face it, if your bottle of wine comes with a cork in it and not a screw cap, you're pretty well lost if you don't have a corkscrew and while technically you don't need one, a wine glass sure comes in handy as well.

There are various other wine accessories on the market including wine baskets, wine picnic baskets, wine gifts and wine gift certificates, wine openers, wine charms, wine decanters, wine stoppers, wine cloths, wine funnels, wine chillers, wine racks, thermometers, ice buckets, cocktail shakers and do-it-yourself winemaking kits and supplies. All of these wine accessories are great to have at home and they also make fantastic gifts to wine lovers.

Wine decanters are basically glass carafes in which you pour your wine into however they are an important and very useful wine accessory. When you are serving older vintages of wine, they are more likely to accumulate sediment during the aging process and the sediment will sink to the bottom of the bottle if it is standing upright. Decanting has the added benefit of aerating the wine, which helps it to maximize the surface area, thereby introducing more oxygen, which improves the bouquet and taste of the wine. Decanters come in assorted shapes, sizes and styles.

A wine stopper is also an essential wine accessory, as it is used to close leftover wine bottles before you refrigerate them. Wine stoppers are often used because it can be quite hard to put the original cork back into the bottleneck of the wine bottle. Wine stoppers come in various in shapes, sizes and materials. The three basic types of wine stoppers are the cork wine stopper, rubber wine stopper and plastic wine stopper. All of these wine stoppers look very different, especially the top of them. The top part of the wine stopper can be made from plastic, wood, or precious metals and crystals. However, the bottom section of wine stoppers is usually made of cork, rubber and plastic. If you use a wine stopper, make sure that it is washed properly before you reuse it because the wine from the previous bottle can affect the next bottle of wine.

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