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Did you know?
"A glass of wine a day is proven to decrease the risk of coronary disease and mortality rates in individuals over 40"

Wine & Liquor

Attractive Aromas from Around the World

Ever since 60 Minutes aired a 1991 segment on the low rate of heart disease in France, wine has experienced a boom in popularity for both its culinary and health benefits.

Today, it is increasingly common practice to purchase wine, champagnes and aperitifs over the Internet, either for oneself or as a gift to others. You can buy wine by the crate, join a Wine of Month Club, or send someone a wine gift basket.

Some general kinds of wine and aperitifs you might want to try are:

  • Port, a heavy wine that comes from Portugal.
  • Sherry, an amber wine, originally from Spain. Today, it is often strong and sweet.
  • Brandy, a distilled, strong wine.
  • Vermouth, flavored by a plant called "wormwood," from which it gets its German name.
  • Champagne, which comes from the French region of the same name. Some American brands are also fine.

It's an assumption of many people that more expensive wines, champagnes and aperitifs are better. This is not necessarily true. Many North American vineyards are producing delicious fine wines at very reasonable prices.

There are many sites that offer information on wine, champagne and aperitifs, but many of these are owned by beverage companies. In fact, the site you are now reading is one of a very small number of independent consumer advice sites, independent of the wine trade.

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Did you know?
The Bible does caution against strong drink, but there are also a number of passages that champion the health benefits of moderate wine consumption. For example, 1 Timothy 5:23 says, "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities."