Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"The average American consumes more than 2 gallons of wine per year"

Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

So, you're a Foodie! Welcome to the world of taste and sumptuous, gluttonous sins. A Foodies best way to make those killer dishes is to have the right tools and the right tools include gadgets.

Successful food is all about four main ingredients. Taste, Color, Shape, Combinations and Presentation. Most chefs will tell you, tongue and cheek, that the food doesn't have to taste great, it just has to look good. It's all about presentation, my friends, presentation! Color is the main ingredient in presentation, from your plates to your linen to the actual meal on the plate, we all know we need to consider this when making that piece de resistance.

What about shape? Shape is what makes food look it's delectable best. Think about the Sunday dinners Mom used to was all about the brown roast beef, the cream-colored potatoes, the brown Yorkshire Pudding and perhaps, a few green veg. Now that was a combination unto itself! It looked good and comforting, until it was drowned in brown gravy, robbing it of it's hues.