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Sugar Free Chocolate

Splendid Sweets without the Sugar

Sugar free chocolate is definitely one of the most popular types of sugar free foods on the market. A lot of people who have diabetes eat it, and many people who are just trying to cut back on their calorie, fat and carbohydrate intake also enjoy it.

Sugar free chocolate comes in many shapes and forms such as chocolate bars, truffles, boxed chocolate, chocolate mixes, chocolate syrups, chocolate puddings, chocolate ice cream, chocolate popsicles, chocolate sauces, chocolate cakes and other chocolate baking goods. You can also get sugar free white chocolate along with various darker chocolates. Many chocolate bars may contain nuts, milk, cream, liquor, liqueur and raisins.

The Aztec ruler Montezuma introduced European conquistadors to chocolate, over 500 years ago. Montezuma's chocolate was liquid and it contained anise as well as chilies since the Aztecs weren't familiar with sugar and other sweetening agents. Even today, in most of the Caribbean countries, chocolate is served semi-sweet or bitter. It is light and refreshing, but never sugar-laden and cloying. However, Europeans gradually changed both the taste and the texture of chocolate over the years and today chocolate is brewed by mixing cocoa powder with water or milk and sugar. However, sugar free chocolate replaces the sugar with artificial sweeteners and substitutes or doesn't replace the sugar at all. The sweeteners that are used have far less calories than sugar.

A good sugar free chocolate should have a crunchy texture and melt gradually at body temperature. Poorly made chocolate is often waxy and sticks to the palate; it melts poorly and usually has a gummy taste. The medicinal properties of chocolate are well documented and widely known. Chocolate contains antioxidants and some researchers claim that it can actually prevent cavities. In moderation, dark chocolate may also help prevent cancer and heart diseases. It may also boost serotonin, which is the chemical in the brain responsible for your mood.

If you do have chocolate at home that isn't sugar free, you may be able to reduce the sugar level in it slightly, as extremely high humidity causes sugar to dissolve out of the chocolate. Most sugar free chocolates are also low in carbohydrates, making them ideal for people on low carb diets. Be aware that some sugar free chocolates can taste very bitter.

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