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"Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries"

Organic Meat

Grain Fed Meat

Organic meat has been a relatively hot issue over the past couple of years as mad cow disease struck many beef-producing cattle in various parts of the world. It is believed that any animal that eats food or grass that has been treated with artificial fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and chemicals, may eventually suffer from the chemicals that they digest.

The reasoning behind organic meat is if the animals are clean and healthy, then their meat will also be clean and healthy. This, in turn, means that you are eating food that is a lot better for you. Organic meat farms are also less harmful to the environment since there are no artificial chemicals used on the land.

Organic meat is available on the market, although it's not as widely available as conventional meats. You should be able to find organic meat at your local supermarket, market and specialty food shop and you may also be able to buy the meat directly from the farmer. There are also many online sellers of organic meat. There is a wide assortment of organic meat available with beef, lamb and pork being among the most popular kinds.

The organic poultry segment is the most important in the North American organic meat market. Organic chicken has been widely available in retailers for several years due to the short production cycle, integrated production method and low price premium. On the other hand, organic beef and pork are sometimes hard to find in retailers because of the low production volume and the high costs, which can often be up to three times higher than conventional beef and pork. Prices are likely to decrease, however, as organic meat producers slowly raise their production levels and more volume goes into the retail trade.

Because the animals that produce organic meat are generally kept out of feedlots and are treated relatively well, it's believed that organic meat is a lot fresher tasting and more flavorful than conventional meat. This of course will be open for debate and the only way to find out for sure is to try it and decide for yourself. The organic meat industry, in North America, has grown by over 35 percent in the last couple of years though, so obviously a lot of people are deciding to make a change in their meat eating habits. If you want to verify that the meat you are getting is organic, it will be certified by the U.S. government.