Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries"

Organic Foods

Gourmet Foods from Nature

Organic gourmet food is increasing in popularity, as a growing number of people are concerned about health and environmental issues. "Organic" often implies a whole set of lifestyle choices. However, delight in food is a big part of both organic and gourmet living.

In general, organic food is raised or grown without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers. Different people define "organic" different ways, so you might want to consult a company's website to find out for certain their definition of the word.

You can buy organic beef and other meats, organic coffee, organic mushrooms, organic wine and oils and organic pasta among many other organic foods. Organic meats of any kind are always higher in Omega-3 oils than their farm-raised cousins. Omega-3 helps fight heart disease.

Organic beef has gained some attention with recent mad cow scares. Because they are fed with grass or grain, organically raised beef cows have almost no risk of mad cow disease. Organic beef is also naturally leaner than non-organic beef.

Line-caught fish, including gourmet favorites like halibut and salmon, are also popular organic gourmet products. These can taste quite different from commercially farmed fish, which are often force fed or treated with chemicals.

Organic coffee is raised on small farms. It is often fairly traded, too. Since organic coffee is raised without strong industrial sprays, you may even notice a difference in taste.

Organic mushrooms are raised without chemical sprays or other artificial input.

Organic oils, wines and vinegars are classified as organic if the fruits or vegetables used in their production are raised without chemical pesticides or other artificial input. They will also use a limited amount of artificial preservatives.

Organic products also make great gourmet gift for your friends and family members.