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"Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries"

Low Carb Drinks

Zero Carbs to Quench Your Thirst

The good thing about low carb (carbohydrate) drinks is that most of them are also sugar free or very low in sugar. That means most of them have no carbs and no calories. There are many low carb pre-made drinks available and there are also a lot of drink mixes on the market with orange, apple, peach, lemon, grape and fruit punch flavors being popular. Most of these drink mixes contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Diet soda, iced tea and lemonade have also been very big sellers over the past decade. Basically every diet soda you buy contains no carbs, no fat, no sugar and no protein. There are also many low carb drinks that are made with artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes. Cold drinks aren't the only low carb variety available as there are many types of low carb teas out there along with hot chocolate, cocoa and cappuccino.

Another type of popular low carb drink is the so-called energy drinks. These are often used as dietary supplements and the ingredients from manufacturer to manufacturer may differ greatly. These low carb drinks usually come pre-made in bottles and cans or they may come in powdered mixes that you add to water. Many of the energy drinks are aimed at people who exercise regularly, as the drinks are meant to stabilize your blood sugar and enhance oxygen delivery during exercise.

For those of you who are coffee lovers, there are some low carb coffee mixes out there, however most of them are for blended iced coffee drinks. Coffee itself is low carb anyway. These come in a variety of flavors and most of them contain no artificial flavors, colors or non-dairy creamers. Most of them are fat free and dairy free but are still very flavorful. Of course, you must also add low carb ingredients to these mixes if you want to keep your coffee drinks low carb, so be sure to use artificial sweeteners in them.

For those of you who prefer your drinks a little stiffer, there are also quite a few refreshing low carb alcoholic drinks on the market. As with all foods and drinks that are listed as low carb, make sure you check the ingredients carefully.