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"Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries"

Low Carb Candy

Tastes Like Real Sugar

Let's face it, most of us fall in love with candy when we are kids and the love affair usually lasts until our last breath. The only problem with candy, of course, is the high amount of sugars, calories and carbs (carbohydrates), it usually contains. To get around this obstacle, you should try to find some tasty low carb candy.

To make low carb candy, you really need to make the candy with an artificial sweetener, or the candy should be sugar free. Not only will the candy be low carb, but it will also be lower in calories.

There is a wide variety of low carb candy on the market which comes in various flavors, colors and textures. There is low carb fruit candy, nut candy, chocolate candy, peanut butter candy, raisin candy, marshmallow candy, caramel candy, mint candy, nut candy, etc. There is also hard candy, soft candy, chewy candy, brittle candy, crunchy candy, creamy candy, gummy candy and candy bars, etc.

There is just about any type of candy that you can think of on the market, as it isn't very difficult for manufacturers to make sugar free or artificial sweetened versions. These low carb candies are made of various ingredients and their carb content and protein content will vary quite a bit. When reading the nutrition label on the candy, you should be aware that some labels will list the total carbs per piece of candy. If each piece of candy contains two grams of carbs, remember you need to multiply that by each piece of candy in the package. If you overdo things and down the whole box or package of candies in one sitting you will be putting on more carbs than you may realize.

You can also make delicious low carb candy at home. Just make sure the ingredients you use are low in carbs and use sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners. Many sugar free, low carb candies are also suitable for people who suffer from diabetes. They are also ideal to give as gifts and to place in gift baskets, especially at Easter and Christmas time.