Gourmet Foods 101
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"The average American consumes more than 2 gallons of wine per year"

Gourmet Food Recipes

Everybody has their own favorite gourmet food recipes. These could be recipes for salads, appetizers, snacks, main dishes or desserts. There are so many wonderful dishes available, that it would be pretty hard to run out of things to cook. In today's computer age, gourmet cooking is probably at its peak in popularity. Not only can we cook some fantastic dishes from North America, but we can now share gourmet food recipes with people from all around the world.

Gourmet Meats Recipes Gourmet Meats Recipes Appetizers Recipes Appetizers Recipes Desserts Recipes Desserts Recipes

The technology we have enables us to instantly access thousands of recipes from any country imaginable. If Indian food is your favorite or Italian food or Mexican food, you can try out an original homemade recipe that very afternoon or evening. Famous gourmet food recipes became famous in the first place because of the delicious taste they provided us. However, there are hundreds of other recipes out there, that may be just as succulent and mouthwatering as the ones we all know and love, but these ones may not have reached our shores yet.

Many great dishes originally came from old family recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. These gourmet food recipes happened to see the light of day and became very popular. However, there are many more fantastic gourmet food recipes out there just begging to be tasted by food connoisseurs all over the world. There are so many hidden gems that are being wasted by just living in somebody's attic or basement. Let's celebrate the world of gourmet cooking and share our knowledge of these forgotten or untried delicacies.

We'd love be able to have everybody share their favorite gourmet food recipes with us and all of our readers around the globe. If you have an old family recipe or a new creation please feel free to email your recipes. We look forward to being able to try out your gourmet food recipes for appetizers, meat dishes and desserts. You may have a worldwide hit on your hands, so don't hesitate to send it in to us and we will post your recipes and give you all the credit. This will give our readers the chance to be adventurous and try out some excellent cuisine from all corners of the world, without leaving their own kitchen.