Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"Most hot sauces are healthy for you because they are made with hardly any carbohydrate"

Spreads & Syrups

When it comes to food, there aren't any bad ones to eat; it's all a personal preference. What some people consider to be bland and ordinary, others might thoroughly enjoy. A lot of people like the simple things in life, and that may also reflect in their taste for food. Other people prefer more bells and whistles, and that too may show in food preferences. While some people are perfectly happy to eat plain crackers or bread, others like to dress them up and add things such as butters, creams, jams, marmalades and various other spreads to give them more flavor.

There are numerous types of spreads available in gourmet cooking including meat and fish spreads and pates, vegetable spreads, fruit spreads, organic spreads and cheese spreads. We can't finish the list here without mentioning honey. Honey is nature's sweet gift from the honeybee and it is often used as a spread. Hummus is also commonly used as a spread throughout the world. Nothing is as good as spreading organic clover honey on buttered biscuits.

Of course, different countries and cultures often have their favorite types of spreads. In many British Commonwealth countries a dark yeast spread is eaten which is called marmite or vegemite. Interesting spreads are always a welcome and carefree party appetizer and they can be a lot of fun to create on your own. You can personalize your spreads by adding some of your favorite ingredients to them. Spreads are ideal for crackers, breads, vegetables, corn chips, nachos and cakes, etc.

When it comes to foods such as pancakes, sausages, ice cream and cakes, people might also like to jazz them up by adding various syrups. One of the most popular types of syrups is maple syrup, while chocolate syrups are often used on desserts.There are also many other types of syrups available, such as cane syrup, sugar syrup, corn syrup, fruit syrups and malt syrup. As is the case with spreads, you can buy pre-made syrups to add to your foods, but you can also experiment with your favorite flavors and try to make your own syrups. Just follow your taste buds here and see what mouth watering delights you can come up with.