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Lamb Marinade

When Mint Sauce Just Won't Do

Lamb is a meat that many people seem to either hate or love. If you are one of those who tried it and didn't like it, perhaps you should give it another chance after it has soaked in a lamb marinade. A lamb marinade will add flavor to the meat and will also tenderize it at the same time.

Some ingredients that could lead to a tasty lamb marinade include salt, pepper, mint, rosemary, thyme, lime juice, brown sugar, allspice, garlic, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, ground cumin, dried chili flakes, olive oil, sea salt, ginger, vinegar, nutmeg, and chili peppers. Milk can also be used for a lamb marinade, and while it won't add any flavor to the meat, it will tenderize it. Milk works well on wild game and fish.

A popular lamb marinade that is used is the East Indian recipe for lamb Tikka. This recipe is used both as a dressing and a marinade. Its smooth, velvet texture is designed to cleverly conceal a bold, peppery flavor underneath. You can also use this recipe to marinate chicken, pork, fresh tuna and salmon. Tikka will keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. To make lamb tikka you will need lemon zest, lemon juice, turmeric, cumin, coriander, garlic, sugar, minced fresh ginger, crushed red chili flakes, salt, yellow onion and extra virgin olive oil.

A lamb is a sheep that is less than a year old. A baby lamb is six to eight weeks old and a spring lamb is three to five months old. After a year, a sheep is called a yearling and when it reaches two years old it becomes mutton. As the sheep grows older, its meat will get darker in color and it will also develop a stronger, gamier taste and become less tender. A young lamb will be pink to pinkish-red in color. Feel free to cook lamb the same way you would a steak. It can be eaten anywhere from juicy rare to well done. Of course this will depend on your preference

Remember there are different cuts of lamb, such as rack of lamb (ribs), shoulder and leg and various ways to cook it such as roasted and grilled on the barbecue. The lamb marinade you try may depend on the type of meat you have and the way you are going to cook it.