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Cheese Fondue

Swirls of Gourmet Greatness

The word fondue itself originates from the French word "fondre". When translated to English, the word means melt. In gourmet cooking, fondue generally refers to any type of food that is cooked in a pot on the middle of a table. The pot itself is often called a fondue. One type of popular and tasty fondue is the cheese fondue. Fondue au fromage (cheese fondue) is a classic dish that originates from Switzerland.

The cheese fondue is usually made of emmental and gruyere cheese, which is melted and then combined with white wine, kirsch and various types of seasonings.

Emmental cheese is an unpasteurized, hard-textured cheese made of cow's milk, which is produced in Switzerland. The cheese has large holes in it, which makes it one of the most difficult cheeses to make. It also has a hard, thin rind with a sweet aroma that is reminiscent of freshly cut hay. Emmental cheese is quite fruity and it goes very well with a glass of wine.

The other cheese used in this fondue, gruyere, is also a Swiss cheese that is made of cow's milk. This cheese also has a hard texture, but it is semi-soft. Gruyere is unpasteurized and has a hard, brown rind that is pitted with small holes. Gruyere is darker yellow in color than emmental cheese; however, it has a denser and compact texture. Gruyere is slightly grainy and it has a complexity of flavors. At first, the cheese tastes fruity and after a while it tastes more nutty and earthy.

Of course, you can use any type of cheese you like in your own cheese fondue, so feel free to use your favorite varieties. You can also add your favorite kinds of wine and seasoning in your fondue. When the cheese fondue is ready to eat, you can dip bite-sized chunks of French bread or another type of bread into the hot, gooey mixture of cheese and wine. In the USA, April 11th is considered National Cheese Fondue Day.

When cooking your cheese fondue, keep the fondue warm over low heat, so you don't scorch the cheese or overheat the oil. If you add a little bit of lemon juice to the wine, it will increase the acidity and help break up the cheese. When you add the cheese to the simmering wine try to stir in a zigzag motion, instead of circular motion, as this will also help break up the cheese.