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"Lobsters are available in a number of colors including red, yellow, blue and orange"

Smoked Salmon

Great with Cream Cheese

If you know a smoked salmon lover, sending them some as a gift will certainly be a nice surprise. Smoked salmon is one of those items that gourmet food lovers crave.

For those who have never tried smoked salmon, you could be in for a delectable treat. Salmon is first salted or soaked in brine then smoked. Different kinds of wood give the salmon different flavors.

There are several popular methods and kinds of smoked salmon:

  • Hot-smoked salmon is smoked for a day or less in high temperatures (below cooking temperature, of course). Actual times and temperatures can vary depending on the size and kind of fish.
  • Cold smoked salmon is left to smoke for more than a day, but the temperature is less than 100 degrees.
  • Lox is slightly saltier and even sweeter than other smoked salmon and is a favorite of Jewish cuisine. It is cold-smoked salmon.
  • Nova or Nova Scotia Salmon is salmon prepared in a particularly fussy process, where it is smoked for 12 hours at 75 degrees over apple and cherry wood.

Smoked salmon is high in calcium, iron and potassium. It is also very high in Omega3 oils which fight heart disease. If you can buy wild caught smoked salmon, these are healthiest for you.

On the web, it's easy to purchase and easy to send smoked salmon. You can choose exactly the kind of salmon you want (many salmon lovers claim a preference for one kind over others). You can have it sent anywhere in the continental US: to friends, family or even your own home!

Did You Know?
Smoking salmon was originally a method of preservation invented by Scandinavian fishermen. Most kinds of smoked salmon can be kept for several weeks in the refrigerator.