Gourmet Foods 101
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"Lobsters are available in a number of colors including red, yellow, blue and orange"


Firm, White Meat with Delicate Flavor

Halibut is a deliciously mild, firm, white fish which usually comes from Alaska. People who like the texture of salmon but not its strong flavor should give this fish a try just for the halibut (we will use this awful joke only once). Halibut is a very large fish, weighing as much as 300 lbs!

Most halibut comes cut into steaks. These steaks have a center bone (which can be inconvenient) but few other bones. If you want to easily remove most or all of the bones simply pull this center bone downward and out of the cooked steak.

Halibut steaks are great broiled, baked or even grilled on the barbecue: be sure to put tin foil on the grill to hold the fish in. It is also delicious breaded and fried.

Like all fish, halibut does cook fast. A good rule of thumb is cook on high, ten minutes for every inch of thickness.

Halibut is valued for its ability to mix well with other flavors.

Since it comes from such a large fish, you can actually buy it in roast size portions.

Like other ocean-caught fish, most halibut is flash frozen at sea. You are best to buy it vacuum sealed and store it in your freezer, where the Cryovac seal will keep for it fresh for up to four months.

It's worthwhile to purchase on the internet, as it can be hard to find sometimes.

Halibut's peak times are late spring to early fall.

Halibut makes a wonderful gourmet treat for yourself or a delicious gift for that fish lover on your list.

Halibut is high in protein and minerals, and low in fat and sodium. Like other fish, it is rich in Omega-3 oils that fight heart disease.