Gourmet Foods 101
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"Lobsters are available in a number of colors including red, yellow, blue and orange"

Gourmet Seafood Recipes

To Make Your Tastebuds Swim Upstream

When it comes to gourmet seafood recipes, there are hundreds of dishes to choose from, as there is a wide variety of fresh seafood available. We eat everything from seaweed to shark, swordfish, catfish, eels, crabs, squid, lobster and octopus, etc. It seems that almost every type of water animal offers us something in the way of food; either the whole creature is edible or at least parts of them are.

The advantage with land animals is that most of them have been identified throughout history and we know which ones to eat and which ones to stay away from. When you take a peek under the sea, the variety of fresh seafood species down there is simply amazing. There are so many creatures living in the water I'm sure not all of them have been identified yet. However, the ones we do know about and the ones we eat offer us a wide variety of flavors and textures.

Many people are quite picky when it comes to fresh seafood. Some people like fish only and don't like shellfish or other forms of seafood. In addition, even some of the people who like fish only, will be very selective and eat only certain kinds. A lot of people complain that some types of fish are too "fishy" tasting. However, there is such an abundant variety of fish and fresh seafood available that there is usually something to satisfy everybody.

Once you have found your favorite types of seafood, you can eat them in a variety of ways and with various other ingredients, as there are many gourmet seafood recipes available for each type of seafood. There are excellent salmon recipes, lobster recipes, crab recipes, shrimp recipes and halibut recipes, etc. Some types of seafood can be eaten raw and you can cook seafood in many ways including, smoking, frying, deep-frying, boiling, steaming, grilling, broiling and baking. Fresh seafood is very versatile and it can be eaten as an appetizer, soup, chowder, stew and as an entrée.

Gourmet seafood recipes include dishes as simple as fish and chips to something more complex such as lobster thermidor.