Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"Only 1% of cattle raised in the US are raised for Prime purposes"

Meat Accessories

Steak Knives, Meat Grinders & Saws, Smokers, Slicers & Fryers

You may not realize it, but your meat has already gone through certain processes by the time it reaches the butcher shop display or supermarket shelf. Since meat comes from slaughtered animals, it has to be cut up into individual pieces and cuts. To do this, experienced butchers need to use meat accessories.

The most common meat accesories are saws and meat grinders. These instruments allow butchers to cut the meat as precisely as they can. They can cut the meat from a few inches thick to paper thin slices with saws and knives.

Meat grinders enable them to grind the meat up, so you can buy ground beef, pork, lamb and chicken to make your favorite burgers with. Although these meat accessories are used by professionals, you can also purchase non-commercial models of them for use at home. Most meat grinders also come with various other features that will allow you to tenderize the meat and to make your own sausages.

Once, you have chosen and bought your cuts of meat it would be great if you could just take a tender slab of it and start cooking. However, you often have to do a little work on your dinner before throwing it on the grill. This is where meat accessories come into play. You often have to fine tune, manipulate, coach and coerce your cut of meat to get the best out of it. You can often bring out the best in your meat by tenderizing it with rubs and marinades. You can also add the finishing touches to your mouthwatering pieces of meat by basting them with an assortment of flavorful sauces.

There are many types of rubs and marinades to add to your meat to tenderize it and to let the flavor soak into the meat before cooking it. There are marinades and dry rubs for all types of meat. Some popular marinade flavors include lemon, teriyaki, wine, beer and garlic. Rubs often contain salt, paprika, chili powder, garlic and onion powders, plus black and red peppers. After your meat has soaked or been rubbed you can also spice it up a little by adding a sauce to it. Like rubs and marinades, there are numerous flavors and types of sauces to choose from. The most popular are barbecue sauces, hot sauces and fruit flavored chipotle sauces.

A lot of people like to cook certain types of meat in sauces and stews to add flavor, while some people like to add the sauce to the meat after it has cooked. If you are basting your meat while barbecuing it, be aware that most barbecue sauces contain sugar in them and they will begin to caramelize and turn black during the cooking process. Of course you can get around this by making your own wonderful sauces.