Gourmet Foods 101
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"Only 1% of cattle raised in the US are raised for Prime purposes"

Gourmet Meat Recipes

From Tasty Kabobs to a Flavorful Philly

There are so many wonderful existing gourmet meat recipes out there that you don't really have to come up with something new. But what fun would that be? You can find hundreds of delicious gourmet meat recipes online and in cookbooks, but it's always fun to try and create something, new and unique.

There are so many types of tender meats available and so many ways of cooking them that you are guaranteed to end up with a gourmet meal and if you're not the greatest cook in the world, at least you won't go hungry.

A good start would be deciding on what meat you would like to eat. The most common types are beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Technically chicken and turkey are fowl or poultry, but we will include them here. However, there are also turkey, veal, rabbit, goat and a slew of wild game to choose from. You have your favorite cut of meat already marinated and now you have to decide which way to cook your meat. You can either roast it, fry it, broil it, barbecue it, braise it, bake it, deep fry it, smoke it, and possibly boil it. As long as you don't burn it or undercook it, you will be fine.

If you are not a big meat eater, but still like to indulge in it once in awhile, you will be glad to know that there are also many gourmet meat recipes available that use meat, but don't feature it as the main ingredient. There are assorted pizzas, stews, and chili dishes that taste great, even without a lot of meat added to them.

Of course, depending on where you live the recipes will differ. However, there are many famous gourmet meat recipes common to North American cuisine that you may want to follow. Some of these include recipes for beef Wellington, chicken Kievs, barbecued ribs, rack of lamb, cheese steaks, kabobs and fried chicken. When you are preparing your dish, don't forget about suitable salads, appetizers, side dishes and desserts to go along with it. You may also want to select an appropriate bottle of fine wine to go with your gourmet meat recipe.

If you have tried all of the gourmet meat recipes you can imagine, then don't be afraid to start creating some of your own. You never know, one day you may come up with a famous recipe that connoisseurs will still be cooking or ordering hundreds of years later.

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