Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"Only 1% of cattle raised in the US are raised for Prime purposes"

Gourmet Meat

There are meats and then there are Gourmet Meats

If you are a connoisseur of gourmet meats, you must certainly love to sink your teeth into hot and juicy cuts of beef, lamb, pork and veal. You probably also appreciate a tender leg, breast and wing of chicken or turkey, even though they are not technically meats but are actually poultry or fowl.

Gourmet meat lovers definitely have ample opportunity to taste their favorite meats while dining, as meats are often the focus of main dishes and can also be used as ingredients for various other recipes such as spreads, pates, nachos, salads, soups, stews, pies, sausages and pizzas.

People eat gourmet meats as appetizers, snacks and entrees and meat is commonly found during all meals of the day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can eat cold meat, canned meat, raw meat, smoked meat and cooked meat however make sure you don't eat raw meat that is supposed to be cooked. There are various cuts of gourmet meats and they differ in their tenderness and flavor. They also differ in the levels of protein, calories, cholesterol and fat, which they contain. Unfortunately, some of the best tasting cuts of meat contain the most fat in them since that is where they get their flavor from.

Meat is basically animal tissue, which is mainly muscle. It has been eaten on this planet since man learned how to walk, hunt and trap, before the Neolithic period especially. Gourmet meats are eaten in every country of the world and of course what is considered to be a gourmet meat in one country may not be considered a gourmet meat in another country. Geography has a lot to do with it. The meat of a wide variety of other animal species is eaten in some countries. What meats are used for food and the way they are cooked depends on the availability of the animal and cuisine.

You can buy gourmet meats in many outlets such as markets, butcher shops, specialty stores, farms and supermarkets. There are many online stores that also specialize in the sale and delivery of gourmet meats. You can cook gourmet meats in various ways including boiling, broiling, braising, frying, baking, grilling and barbecuing. The way in which you cook your favorite meats is totally up to you. There are some general guidelines that people often go by, but when it comes to feeding yourself and satisfying yourself with gourmet meats you can throw those guidelines out of the window and do whatever makes you and your taste buds happy.

All meat in the US is inspected by the federal government, however only some meat is graded. So choose wisely.