Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"The average working American consumes 3 cups of coffee per day"

Gourmet Coffee

There is a Difference

Coffee presents a universe of choices. If you entertain a lot or if you simply like variety in life, you may want to keep many kinds of gourmet coffee on hand to suit the different tastes of your guests.

Before you make your purchase, you may need to decide on the best way to brew your coffee. Drip filtering is the most common method of preparation. However, coffee aficionados invest in other brewers, including espresso machines, press pots, cafetieres and others. A coffee grinder might also be a worthwhile investment.

Your brewing method will certainly affect your choice of grind type - medium, fine or extra fine.

There are several kinds of grinder to choose from - conical burr grinders, burr grinders and blade grinders. Connoisseurs often roast their own beans, so you may be interested in a roaster, too.

Some well-loved coffees are:

cafe latte: espresso and steamed milk capped with frothy foam.

cappuccino: an espresso with added steamed milk and foam milk garnished often with cinnamon and/or chocolate.

espresso: a coffee so potent it bites. Espresso baristas know that true espresso is produced by 9 bars of pressure through 8 grams of coffee at no more than 90 C, in 30 seconds, resulting in a froth of dark cream. Anything else is pale imitation. A cup is downed in no more than 4 gulps.

flavored coffees: a popular way to add variety to your coffee. Common flavors added to coffee include Irish cream, vanilla, hazelnut and caramel.

Buying fair trade coffee is a big trend in coffee purchasing, as is organically grown coffee, and you may wish to investigate these options, too.

You can use the web to compare prices to get the value you are looking for. With a few clicks, you can send a coffee gift anywhere in the U.S.