Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"Beer clubs have become one of the most popular gift ideas for men between the ages of 21 and 55"

Shopping Tips

One of the appeals of "Of the Month Clubs" is getting a monthly surprise. Let us give you some tips on making sure these are only pleasant (not nasty) surprises.

Beware of the following:

  • With all food items, it's imperative to order from a company based in the continental U.S. If you live in Hawaii, seek out a Hawaiian company. In Alaska, look for a company with an Alaskan outlet. This may not matter for some clubs - but you don't want an eight-week-old cheesecake from your Dessert of the Month Club.
  • Some states block shipping of alcohol. For example, shipping by mail to Massachusetts is very difficult. Be sure you know the laws in the state you are sending to.
  • For any alcohol, you will need a person of legal drinking age to sign for the delivery.

Most "Of the Month Clubs" are offered by reputable online stores. How can you be sure that your choice is one of these?

  • The store should claim a history of quality.
  • Their website should offer helpful information you find valuable.
  • They should offer a fairly lengthy list of strong, signed testimonials from other users.
  • And we'll say this more than once: check their guarantees and return policies.

Look for clubs with experts or professionals on staff - for example, gourmet restaurant chefs. If there are profiles available for these professionals, this would show a store's desire to serve you.

"Of the Month Clubs" are likely to be (though not always are) expensive. They are supposed to be value-added in terms of convenience and selection. A simple rule of thumb: don't join a club offering the same products you can find locally.

Best of luck as you go about choosing your club!