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"Beer clubs have become one of the most popular gift ideas for men between the ages of 21 and 55"

Coffee of the Month Club

For the Coffee Cupper

A new coffee every month, now there's grounds for celebration! If you want to learn more about that beverage you love, a Coffee of the Month Club membership might be a great way to learn. It also makes a great gift for the coffee lover on your gift list.

One advantage to subscribing to a Coffee of the Month Club is that you can arrange to never run out of coffee. How many times have you gotten up and found the coffee jar empty? With the regular delivery of a coffee of the month, you can schedule delivery so you'll never run out.

Coffee of the Month Clubs offer you the chance to discover exotic blends from around the globe. They also offer discount rates on gourmet coffee accessories such as coffee makers, grinders, carafes and cafetieres. Sometimes, some of these items can even come free with membership.

There are a wide variety of Coffee of the Month Clubs. You can subscribe to Micro Java Clubs that send samples from small coffee companies all over the U.S. Coffee clubs also sample:

  • Coffees of the world
  • flavored coffees
  • coffee and treats
  • decaffeinated coffees

Some Coffee of the Month Clubs allow you some leeway as to what you can choose, while many plan a coffee menu for you, allowing you to try kinds and flavors of coffee you might otherwise not know about. You can also find coffee clubs that ship whole beans.

Typically, a Coffee of the Month club will send a 1 to 2 pound package every month. Shipments can be tracked electronically, and customers can order over the web and expect their packages delivered in days.

A Coffee of the Month Club membership is a great gift for the coffee gourmet you love.