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"Beer clubs have become one of the most popular gift ideas for men between the ages of 21 and 55"

Cheese of the Month Club

For the Love of Cheese

Ever wondered what Provolone is, but were afraid to try? Know someone who loves cheese? Purchasing a Cheese of the Month Club subscription, either for yourself or as a gourmet gift, might be the answer to either of these questions.

Typically, a cheese of the month club will send you one 1 to 2 lb. block per month. They may add implements such as a cheese knife or a cheese board or they may include a box of gourmet crackers. Companies usually offer six or 12-month packages.

Here are some of the Cheese of the Month Clubs you might be interested in investigating:

  • international cheese of the month clubs
  • gourmet cheese of the month clubs
  • American cheese of the month clubs
  • "whatever whenever clubs" (may come under many other names, as well) allow you to customize deliveries and styles preferred.

Cheese clubs can be a great way to learn how to use cheeses, proper grating, storage and recipe ideas. Using the internet, you can get a lot of information about the cheeses you want to try. Clubs also send newsletters and brochures to members.

Once membership expires, the cheese club should expect no further obligation. Check company websites closely for guarantees and further details. Choose a cheese club with a well made website and a solid company history.

Membership in a Cheese of the Month club can turn that cheese freak into a cheese gourmet. It can make a wonderful gourmet gift for the cheese lover you know. It's like a new present every month!

Did you know?
Many of the varieties of cheese we now have were developed and perfected by monks during the Middle Ages. They devoted days, weeks and years to developing subtleties of flavor and texture.