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"Dark chocolate has the ability to lower blood pressure and alleviate headaches"

White Chocolate

Not Really Chocolate

I know that growing up as a kid in England I loved all types of chocolate, but white chocolate was definitely my favorite kind as it had a little bit of a different taste to it. However, many people argue that white chocolate isn't actually a type of chocolate at all.

White chocolate is made from sweetened cocoa butter, without the cocoa solids that are usually mixed with milk solids and sugar and sometimes vanilla is added to it. However, since cocoa butter is derived from the cocoa bean, then we can only come to the conclusion that real white chocolate is definitely a type of chocolate. Cocoa butter is the ingredient used in other chocolates so that they remain solid at room temperature, yet they melt easily in the mouth. Therefore, white chocolate has a similar texture to other types of chocolate, but it doesn't really have the same taste. However, a lot of people find the taste of white chocolate to be quite similar to that of milk chocolate.

Even though white chocolate seems to be real chocolate, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not consider white chocolate to be real chocolate because it lacks cocoa solids. Because of this, white chocolate does not necessarily have to contain cocoa butter in it and it is sometimes made from hydrogenated vegetable oil instead.

White chocolate was first introduced in Switzerland just after the First World War, but it wasn't first popularly distributed in the U.S. until 1984. The first white chocolate bar to be sold in America was Nestlé's Alpine White Chocolate bar, which contained creamy white chocolate and almonds. White chocolate is also often used as a decoration for milk or dark chocolate confections. This delicious chocolate is a little bit softer than regular chocolate and it is also a little harder to find. You can also get sugar free white chocolate, which is great for people who are suffering from diabetes and for those people who are watching their calorie, carbohydrate or sugar intake.

Velvety smooth white chocolate powder is also available and it mixes very well with coffee and milk and it is ideal for all of you baking needs.

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