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"Dark chocolate has the ability to lower blood pressure and alleviate headaches"

Godiva Chocolate

From Cremes & Ganaches to Truffles & Bars

Godiva is a chocolate manufacturer, which was founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1926. The company was named in honor of the legend of Lady Godiva. The company's brand of chocolate was introduced to the U.S. chocolate market in 1966. Godiva has more than 270 specialty stores, scattered throughout major U.S. cities. The company also has many international outlets.

Most of Godiva chocolates are produced in America, by using many of the same master Belgian recipes, ingredients and processing techniques that are used Belgian plant. Godiva Chocolates are known to be made from fine chocolate and high quality ingredients, which make them relatively expensive. The Godiva Chocolate Company is now owned by the Campbell Soup Company.

Godiva chocolate makes a wide variety of fine chocolate products, including truffles, gift baskets, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, chocolate cars, a line of Halloween candy and a variety of sugar free items. Godiva Chocolate also makes an assortment of ice cream, liqueurs and sorbets. Many of the products the company makes are also kosher, but be sure to check for the kosher label on the package to be certain. A line of sugar free chocolate is also available, which is great for people on carbohydrate or calorie diets as well as being ideal for diabetics. Godiva was also the first company to create the concept of premium chocolate. They did this by combining a fine chocolate product, stimulating advertising, sophisticated packaging and selective distribution. Godiva has recently started a new line of blended chocolate beverages.

Godiva Chocolate tries to make a unique product by using ingredients that are different in flavor and texture. These ingredients include high quality cocoa beans, dairy butter and heavy cream, as well as flavor components such as whole macadamia nuts and fresh fruit fillings such as key lime. There are two production methods used by Godiva Chocolate to manufacture the various sizes and shapes of their chocolates. These methods are enrobing and shell molding. The enrobing technique involves coating a formed center such as rich caramel with smooth, melted chocolate. The shell molding method is practiced extensively in Europe and it is the process that is used to manufacture most Godiva chocolates.

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