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"Dark chocolate has the ability to lower blood pressure and alleviate headaches"

Chocolate Fountains

A Fantastic Way to Dress Up a Party

Chocolate fountains are ideal for special occasions, as they can make them more elegant and memorable. They are perfect for weddings, corporate events, conferences, fundraisers, private functions, trade shows and of course for your own dinner parties.

A chocolate fountain is a spin off of the fondue, as the mechanical fountain will continuously flow with hot, melted chocolate. A chocolate fountain can be used to cascade delicious milk, dark and white chocolate. Your guests will be able to choose from a wide variety of fresh fruit, candies, cakes, pretzels and more. They just have to put their food on a skewer and dip treats into the chocolate fountain for a sweet creation of their own.

Chocolate fountains are relatively new to the marketplace and there are quite a few companies that rent them out for large-scale events. These chocolate fountains come in various sizes, from small dinner party size up to a large reception size. Large 40-inch chocolate fountains weigh about 100 lbs. and are designed to hold up to 20 lbs of chocolate and they are actually built to handle any food product that can be reduced to the flowing consistency of fondue. A chocolate fountain can melt the chocolate, but it's usually better to melt the chocolate before putting it into the fountain, as there will be less chance to burn it.

However, you can buy home versions. They are compact and come in all different styles. Remember, you get what you pay for, so it is wise to spend a little extra so the pot doesn't burn the chocolate or become jammed. They units are a little hard to clean, so look for one with removable parts.

Most chocolate fountains are made of food grade stainless steel the tiers of the fountain usually slide on and off of a center tube so there are no set screws to tighten. Most models of chocolate fountains are available in 110/120 (U.S.) and all international voltages. They are quite easy to assemble as it only takes a few minutes to get one running. These heavy-duty chocolate fountains are designed to maintain chocolate at an ideal temperature of about 220 to 230 degrees F. The precision stainless steel augers re-circulate the warm chocolate up through the fountain and back down over the stainless steel tiers. The upper tier units and augers disassemble for easy cleaning.

If you are thinking about buying or renting your own chocolate fountain, you should take into consideration the amount of guests who will be attending your function. It is a better idea to get two or three smaller fountains than one large one as you can spread them out and there will be less of a lineup at the chocolate fountains. Plus, you can use different types and flavors of chocolate. Chocolate fountains can be used outdoors as long as there is a power outlet.

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