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"Dark chocolate has the ability to lower blood pressure and alleviate headaches"

Gourmet Chocolate

Melt in Your Mouth Flavor from Afar

Few foods in history are as highly prized as chocolate. Chocolate was so valuable to the Mayan people that cacao beans were used as currency. The Aztec emperor Montezuma drank 50 goblets of chocolate per day.

Today, gourmet chocolate is very popular as a gift, and it can take many different forms. You can buy gourmet chocolates, chocolate bars, chocolate cookies, chocolate liqueurs and chocolate candies, to name only a few forms of chocolate.

Two basic kinds of chocolate are:

dark - contains a high percentage of cacao, in the form of chocolate liquor. It can come in sweet or semi-sweet.
White - a blend of cocoa butter, milk, sugar and flavor. It does not actually contain chocolate liquor, the ground cacao beans that make up all dark chocolates.

Chocolate can come bitter, semi-sweet or sweet, depending on how much sugar is added to it.

Milk Chocolate, according to U.S. regulations, contains at least 12% whole milk. It is generally sweet.

Some truly favorite gourmet chocolates are:

  • truffles-any of a number of softly-centered chocolates. Popular or interesting flavors include hazelnut, champagne, whiskey and Irish cream.
  • nougats-chewy, candy-centered chocolates. Nougat is a blend of nuts, egg and sugar.
  • mousses-fluffy, cream-centered chocolates
  • pastries such as marzipan can come chocolate covered
  • chocolate gingers-ginger wrapped in chocolate
  • brazilnuts-hearty brazils covered in chocolate
  • chocolate covered coffee beans-crunchy and rich
  • chocolate covered fruits, including strawberries, peach, apricots

You can also find diabetic chocolate through many online gourmet shops.

Some of the most expensive gourmet chocolates are handmade. Chocolate makes a great gourmet gift item, whether on its own or as part of a gourmet gift basket.

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