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"The average gift basket contains a minimum of five items."

Thank You Gift Baskets

Gifts That Show You Mean It

Often times, the words "thank you" just don't seem to be quite enough when you are trying to convey your appreciation to someone. A thank you gift basket could help you show how much you really appreciate what somebody has done for you.

Thank you gift baskets are ideal gifts for any type of occasion. Perhaps somebody has helped you move, given you a ride to the airport, looked after your children while you were called in to work or they have done so many little things for you over time that you feel you need to thank them with a gift. There are many clever and thoughtful themes you can use to say thank you in a gift basket.

Imagine being on the receiving end of a sumptuous gourmet gift basket filled with your favorite assortment of gourmet chocolates and crunchy nuts or fine red and white wines. You can also send gift baskets that contain fresh scented flowers with fresh fruit such as apples, tangy oranges and grapefruit. Maybe you'd rather send a thank you gift basket with gourmet food that is neatly packaged inside of an elegant designer basket. If you choose this, you could send smoked meats and salmon, tea and coffee, cheeses, jams, spreads, pate, sauces, marinades, pastas, organic foods, cookies, cakes, pastries and any other type of food you may think the person might enjoy.

You can also send a food basket or a theme basket that may relate to a sport or hobby that the person enjoys. You can include things in your basket such as lotions, bath oil and a good book or a basket that has games, puzzles, popcorn and a coupon for a video rental. A golf basket may include golf balls and tees along with a golf visor. Just about any type of thank you gift basket will let the recipients know how much you appreciate their gestures. If you are sending a thank you gift basket to a group of people or a family, make sure you add a wide variety of items that should cover all kinds of taste buds.