Gourmet Foods 101
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"The average gift basket contains a minimum of five items."

Fruit Gift Baskets

Baskets That Are Just Grape

Fruit gift baskets have been given as gifts for many years and because of their popularity it seems like they will be given for many years to come. Fruit baskets are very healthy and they can be made or bought with fresh seasonal fruit alone or they can be complemented by other assorted food items such as chocolates, cheeses, sausages and crackers. A classic fruit gift basket can be topped off with specialty beer or a bottle of chardonnay, merlot or bubbly champagne.

Fresh fruit gift baskets can be filled with just about any type of colorful and tasty fruit. You can add juicy berries, succulent peaches, scrumpy apples, tart grapefruit, firm pears, seedless grapes, ripe bananas, dried fruit, pungent nectarines, sumptuous plums and tangy oranges. Fruit isn't just eaten on its own it's also a popular ingredient for juices, pies, cakes, candies, sodas and muffins, etc. You can also add assorted nuts and gourmet cookies. Fruit baskets are great for any holiday or occasion including Christmas, birthdays, get well visits and anniversaries. You could create a themed fruit gift basket by focusing on citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges or perhaps an exotic tropical theme by adding pineapples, kiwis, papayas and mangoes.

If you are creating the fruit basket on your own, make sure that all of the fruit is fresh and if you are buying the basket make sure the store gives you a freshness guarantee, if the fruit isn't up to par. Fruit gift baskets are ideal for families and groups of people. They can also be given to individuals, but you will have to take this into account while choosing the fruit basket, as the fruit will only stay fresh for so long. It's not really a good idea to send a huge fruit basket to a single person, as it's not likely they will be able to eat it all before the fruit starts to lose its freshness. You could also add non-food items to your basket such as a fruit salad bowl, recipes for fruit dishes such as pies and desserts etc. and small specialty knives for cutting or peeling the fruit.