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"The average gift basket contains a minimum of five items."

Custom Gift Baskets

Make Your Own Gift Basket with Your Own Flavor

Everybody appreciates receiving a gift basket, but if you'd like the person to appreciate it even more, you can custom create their basket. Custom gift baskets are a great way to make baskets that suit people's individual tastes and interests. They can also be a lot of fun to create. You can custom make gift baskets at most stores, or you can personally make your own custom gift baskets at home.

While choosing items for a custom basket it's definitely a good idea to know what the person likes to eat and drink. If the person is a lover of Italian food, you can build a basket around this theme by adding items such as pastas and Italian wine. If the person has a specific hobby or sport they are fanatical about, you could design the basket around that theme. Feel free to let your creative juices flow when you are designing custom gift baskets, as there are no rules when it comes to food, just suggestions. Be daring if you like and perhaps add something unique to the basket such as a gift certificate at the person's favorite restaurant. And, while you are showing off your creativity inside the basket, you may also want to show it with the basket itself. It may be called a custom gift basket, but that doesn't mean you literally have to use a basket for the items. You can use an alternate container.

Let your imagination run wild and use a personal touch. You could perhaps use something that fits in with the person's job or hobby. For a golfer you could perhaps use a basket that holds golf balls or cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes for people involved in real estate, travel and technology. You can also use trays, mugs, totes, cans, briefcases and pails and why not use a top hat or cowboy hat that is turned upside down to hold the gift items. You can use anything really, as long as it looks good. You will know your custom gift basket is well crafted and articulately designed if the person receiving it thinks it's a shame to destroy its beautiful packaging by opening it.