Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"The average gift basket contains a minimum of five items."

Cookie Gift Baskets

A Gift Any Monster Would Munch

There are many types of cookies to choose from when building or buying a cookie gift basket. There are chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies, raisin cookies, shortbread cookies, gingerbread cookies, peanut butter cookies, cookies with nuts in them, cookies with fruit in them, etc., etc., etc. And, of course, cookies are made in a variety of shapes and colors, from animal figures to smiley faces, making it easy to create a themed cookie gift basket for your recipient.

You can buy the cookies for your basket, but if you would like your cookie gift basket to have a more personal touch to it you could bake the cookies yourself. If you do this, you may also want to bake the cookies in unique shapes. Perhaps, you could create a theme basket by doing this that could be based on the person's job or favorite activity. Cookie gift baskets are suitable for any occasion and can be enjoyed by individuals or groups of people. Cookies are great snacks or desserts and can be eaten at anytime of the day. They are ideal for when you are working or studying and are a great food to share.

Cookies are often eaten with tea and coffee, so it would be a good idea to add these items to a cookie gift basket as well. You could also add such food items such as nuts, cheese and chocolate. There are also a few non-food items that go well inside of a cookie gift basket. You could add things such as cookie cutters, oven mitts, cookie sheets, cookie recipes and cookie molds. Another good addition to a cookie basket is cookie dough mix. This way a person can enjoy the ready made cookies and bake their own later on. Since many people have allergies to peanuts you should be aware if any of the cookies in your basket have peanuts included in the ingredients.