Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"The average American consumes more than 2 gallons of wine per year"

Gourmet Food FAQ

How do I know I am getting good quality?
As with other concerns, check each company's website for warranties and return policies. If they do not assure you, move on. You'll find many internet companies with long histories (some predate the web) of excellent service, offering 100% guarantees and hassle-free return policies.

What does Gourmet Foods 101 do?
We're independent of any and all food companies. We're only interested in passing on the knowledge we have of the gourmet food we love. We do get revenue from advertising, so we rely on readers to check out our sponsored links.

Is it really safe to give my credit card number over the Internet?
Legitimate, strong companies are aware of internet security fears and have people working hard to maintain your security. They guarantee security 100%. Some will not charge your credit card instantly but wait until they ship product before charging.

What about breakage, mistaken orders or other problems?
Make sure that the company you order from has a return policy and a guarantee. Then read these closely to be certain that they will take care of problems fairly and promptly.

Isn't steak, seafood, wine, chocolate etc. bad for you?
Anything in excess is bad. Keep in mind:

  • Steak is full of protein essential for health.
  • Some seafood is high in Omega-3 oils which actually help fight heart disease.
  • Studies repeatedly show that a glass of wine a day helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Chocolate is full of calories which are pure energy.

Moderation is the key to enjoying gourmet food.

What wine do I serve with--?
Heavy reds usually go with heavy meals, and light whites go with light white meats.

Who do I contact if I have questions or suggestions?
Just e-mail us at