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"Some species of sturgeon have been known to live longer than 100 years"

Caviar Gifts

Prestigious Gourmet Gifts

More than any other type of food in the world, caviar often conjures up images of wealth and status, luxury and celebration, as the food appears to be full of legend and magic. Caviar is generally regarded as a gourmet delight and is usually served during special occasions.

In addition to being served at birthday parties, holiday celebrations and other special occasions, caviar itself is often given as a gift in an elegant and classy gift box. You can send various amounts of caviar to your gourmet friends and relatives anywhere in the world. The caviar can be sent alone in a gift box or you can expand the gift and send along a caviar gift set.

There are numerous types of caviar to choose from including: Russian and Iranian beluga, osetra, sevruga, original Russian grained red salmon, domestic American black, red and golden caviar, white sturgeon, Montana golden whitefish, Yellowstone River paddlefish and chum salmon. There are also various accessories that go along with caviar and they can make perfect gifts as well for caviar lovers. You can also buy gifts of crystal servers and spoons, mother of pearl caviar spoon sets, vodka glasses, caviar servers, and elegant ice containers. Of course, you can also add drinks to you caviar gift since vodka, champagne and dry white wine are often consumed along with caviar.

You can also buy caviar in repackaged gift baskets, usually along with various bottles of champagne, assorted cheese, caviar blinis, crackers and other food items. These gift baskets usually contain various samples of caviar along with assorted caviar accessories. Gift baskets will vary in price depending on what type of caviar and champagne you include in them and how much of it you send.

You could also buy the caviar separately and create your own caviar gift by making a personalized gift basket. You could add items such as accessories, along with something to drink and perhaps a box of cigars to top things off. Of course, with a homemade caviar gift you will have the freedom to use your creativity and imagination by placing any items in the gift basket you please. These gifts are ideal for all occasions from Christmas to Valentine's Day.