Gourmet Foods 101
Did you know?
"Some species of sturgeon have been known to live longer than 100 years"


Side dishes are the perfect way to accent any gourmet meal or to liven up that special occasion. Try one of these gourmet side dishes to liven up your next meal!

Caviar is a characteristic gourmet food item, loved by many who have had the pleasure to try it. Caviar is the eggs (or roe) of fish or sturgeon, salted and flavored.

Russian caviar is still very prestigious, but American and Iranian caviar are also favorites among gourmet food lovers. Both Iranian and Russian caviar come from the Caspian Sea. American caviar is similar to the Russian sevruga, and is much more affordable than imported caviar.

Caviar is very nutritious and makes an elegant addition to any gourmet meal. It would also be a wonderful gift for the gourmet in your life.


Escargots are snails, prepared for consumption. They are often served in garlic butter. Escargots can be bought canned, frozen or fresh. They make an excellent gourmet gift.

Other Side Dishes

Some popular gourmet sides include:

  • smoked salmon-served cold, a salmon lover's delight. This can come seasoned in a variety of ways and is a beloved gourmet treat
  • chowder-a thick soup
  • coquille St. Jacques-scallops served with herbs and butter, often in a shell-shaped dish
  • crab au gratin-crab meat in a cheese sauce, often served in a crab shell
  • lobster thermidore-lobster meat served in a bechamel sauce and topped with parmigian
  • crevettes provencales-shrimp in a tomato and saffron sauce

Some of these can also be served as entrees, of course.

Prepared items like the above can make you look and feel like a gourmet chef. These can be found many places on the internet. Order from a continental American distributor, and they can be at your door in a matter of days.